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2021 Event Update

As restrictions and COVID cases Canada-wide continue to grow, the early competition season for Freestyle Canada has had to cancel its first 2 events. Yukon SS/BA and the Canadian Selections. FC continues to monitor restrictions daily and work with local organizers daily to provide our athletes with the best opportunities available to have a competition season.

Pushing events to later in the season will give us the best chance to plan and execute events. The Canada Cup tour in 2021 will be restricted to fewer events but we are targeting certain events like any of our Canadian Championships to still go ahead.

For FC events on the calendar:

  • Invites will be sent out as per normal.
  • FC will update everyone 30 days about the local organizing committee and the current status of the event.
  • The deadline to proceed or cancel an event will be published 14 days prior to the first day of training
  • ll events will follow the local, provincial, and federal COVID guidelines that will be provided in addition to the invitation.


In November Freestyle Canada successfully produced and delivered the annual FIS TD update virtually. There were over 40 participants with presenters coming from all over the world. The 2 day event was approved by FIS as an official update and FC will continue to work with FIS on how to maintain this program for all TD internationally saving the sports 10’s of thousands in travel costs every year. Big thanks to Andy Stein, Andrew Clough, Tim O’Brien, and the rest of the official’s committee.

Judges training for 2020 has all gone online. All Freeski Judges have an online platform produced by FIS. MO/AE platform is also online and FC’s JAG team will deliver all domestic clinics online.

As of December 8th, 2020.

Date Discipline Event/Series Location Notes
Dec 17-20 MO/DM Canadian Selections  Apex, BC  Cancelled
Jan 9-10* MO/DM Canada Cup Red Deer, AB Postponed
Jan 26-28 HP/SS/BA NorAm / FIS event Calgary, AB
Feb 3-4 SS/SS Canada Cup Red Deer, AB
Feb 10-11 MO/DM NorAm – USA Deer Valley USA
Feb 9 -11 HP/SS/BA NorAm – USA Mammoth USA
Feb 25-26 MO/DM NorAm – USA Waterville USA
Feb 25-27 HP/SS/BA NorAm – Aspen Open Aspen, CO USA
Feb 27-28 AE/AE NorAm Le Relais, QC USA
Mar 4-6 SS NorAm – REV Tour Woodward USA
Mar 12-14 MO/DM/AE Canadian Junior Mogul Championships Presented by Toyota Red Deer, AB
Mar 13-14 BA/RJ Maximise FIS Canada Cup Maximise, QC TBC
Mar 20-21 MO/DM Canada Cup Red Deer, AB
Mar 27-28 MO/DM NorAm Apex, BC
Mar 21-26 HP/SS/BA Canadian Jr/Sr Championships (FIS and non FIS) Calgary, AB
April 3-4* MO/DM Canadian Mogul Championships presented by Toyota VSC, QC
April 10-11 AE/AE Canadian Aerial Championships presented by Toyota Le Relais, QC
Apr 16-18 SS/BA Canada Cup Whitehorse, YK TBC



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