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Toyo Cup Set to Please Again this Season! $12,000 in bursaries to be awarded at close of Canada Cup series

Vancouver, March 30, 2023 – For the seventh year in a row, the Canada Cup presented by Toyo Tires will honor the top athletes of the Freestyle Canada season. And although the freestyle skiing events have wrapped up for the season, the door is still wide open in slopestyle, and all will be decided this weekend at the Junior National Championships in Calgary.

The halfpipe competitions will take place on Friday, followed by the slopestyle and Big Air events on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. More than 100 athletes will gather at Canada Olympic Park with the firm intention of showing off their skills one final time this year in the Canada Cup series.

They will also accumulate points toward the final rankings and toward potential bursaries from Freestyle Canada’s longstanding partner Toyo Tires, which has been rewarding Canada’s top athletes annually since 2017.

At the end of each yearly campaign, the Toyo Cup women’s and men’s rankings, which tally federation-designated events, are determined for the combined freestyle disciplines (moguls and aerials) and the combined slopestyle disciplines (slopestyle, Big Air and halfpipe).

Heading into the Junior National Championships, Gabrielle Rose Dinn (BC) and Jeremy Gagné (QC) are at the top of the provisional freestyle rankings which, in addition to national competition results, also comprise those of the Nor-Am Circuit.

Ava Aubry of Alberta (2,850) and Emilia Hoffmann of Ontario (2,700) are provisionally second and third on the women’s side, while Malcolm Farris of Nova Scotia (2,700) and Jacob Durepos of Ontario (2,300) are second and third on the men’s.

The final standings will be announced at the conclusion of the weekend and the top six athletes will receive generous prize money from Toyo Tires: $1,500 for first place, $1,000 for second and $500 for third.

Aerials in the spotlight!

In the freestyle disciplines, five aerials skiers and one moguls skier will be rewarded for their success this past season.

Victor Primeau and Charlie Fontaine, both of Quebec, will receive $1,500 bursaries for their cumulative scores of 2,950 and 2,800 at the National Championships, the Apex Classics and other Canada Cup series events.

Alec Haineault (2,850) and Gabriel Dion (2,550) will complete the Québécois hat trick on the men’s side. Among the women, Jessica Linton (BC) and Rosalie Gagnon (QC) finished behind Fontaine with identical totals of 2,550.

The final slopestyle and freestyle rankings will be available online at the end of the 2022-23 season.

Created by Freestyle Canada to ensure a high level of competition for all freestyle athletes in the country, the Canada Cup series has once again enabled athletes to gather together and develop their skills in all disciplines this year.

The circuit is primarily aimed at athletes in the Train to Train (T2T) and the Learn to Compete and Train to Compete (L2C/T2C) levels of Freestyle Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development Model.


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