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The Canadian Snowsports Association Managing Director Job Posting

Job description

The Canadian Snowsports Association (CSA) is a federation of organizations, each of which is the national governing body of a discipline of competitive skiing or snowboarding in Canada. The CSA is the Canadian holder of membership in the Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS) and, as such, is accountable to FIS for actions related to FIS sanctions and activities which are carried out in the CSA’s name – whether directly or indirectly through its member.


The Managing Director of the CSA functions as the senior staff person of the Association and is considered the “Secretary” as referred to in the CSA By-Laws [9.02(d)]. He/she is accountable to the Board of the CSA for all operations of the organization and as such is a non-voting member of the CSA Board.

Time commitment:

3 to 5 days per week

Critical Aspects:

  • Leadership
  • Facilitation across members’ interests
  • Ability to create unified voice
  • Communication
  • Risk and legal knowledge


The CSA is responsible for the management of its activities and for its relationship with FIS. The CSA is also responsible for the provision of services related to FIS operations to its member organizations, as requested by the CSA members and as approved by the CSA Board of Directors.



  • Play a lead role in CSA relations with the FIS. As such, be the primary point of contact between the CSA and the FIS, except where an individual discipline is responsible to the FIS for its own activities. The CSA members will appoint their experts to discipline specific FIS committees. As agreed by the CSA Board and/or with the individual Disciplines, the Managing Director/CEO will work with the discipline representatives to ensure that CSA issues at the FIS level are addressed in a coordinated manner.
  • Support Canada’s representative on the FIS Council as directed by the CSA Board of Directors.
  • Managing the CSA budget as approved by the CSA Board of Directors.
  • Hiring and ongoing management of anyone employed by the CSA including full and part time or occasional project specific contractors.
  • Ensuring that the agreed Operating Principles and written Policies of the CSA are carried out as approved by the CSA Board.


Managing Operations:


  • Manage the operations of the CSA including the provision and administration of office facilities and equipment, the supervision of other CSA staff and/or consultants, and the delivery of administrative services.
  • Support the governance activities of the CSA Board of Directors, directly or through other CSA staff including the planning of meetings; the preparation of resource materials in support of Board agendas; the implementation of board decisions; and the production/distribution of minutes.
  • Planning and monitoring CSA future activities as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Arrange and manage, the provision of administrative services on behalf of Member organizations who specifically request such services.
  • Arrange and manage CSA insurance requirements; risk management activities; and, if requested, legal services on behalf of CSA and its participating Member organizations.


External Representation:

  • Communicate with the FIS and / or other National Ski Associations (NSA) with respect to fulfilling the compliance requirements of Canads’s membership in the FIS or as requested by a Member organization or the CSA Board of Director.



  • Other related tasks as requested and mutually agreed with the CSA Board of Directors.





  • A broad knowledge of competitive snow sports at the national and international levels.
  • A good knowledge of accounting and financial management.
  • A good knowledge of the insurance industry will be considered an asset.
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Strong facilitation skills.
  • High Emotional Intelligence.
  • Experience in a senior management position.
  • Experience with a volunteer-based organization.
  • Knowledge of the management and operations of amateur sport in Canada.
  • Knowledge of the operations and structure of the FIS.




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