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SS-BA National Team announcement 2023-24

Freestyle Canada is proud to announce the 2023-2024 Slopestyle / Big-Air National Team. Our united domestic programs are continuing to develop a strong athlete pool which allowed us to bring on six new athletes this year. Congratulations to all athletes, we will continue to be bold and progressive with this fine roster.

WOMEN /FEMMES Équipe de la Coupe du monde / World Cup Team

Megan Oldham

Olivia Asselin

Elena Gaskell

MEN / HOMMES Équipe de la Coupe du monde / World Cup Team

Max Moffatt

Evan McEachran

Teal Harle

Noah Porter-MacLennan

Alexander Henderson

Édouard Therriault

Marc Hendrickson

Etienne Geoffroy-Gagnon

WOMEN /FEMMES L’équipe NextGen /NextGen Team

Brynn Johnston

Naomi Urness

Skye Clarke

MEN / HOMMES L’équipe NextGen /NextGen Team

Charlie Beatty

Dylan Deschamps

Tate Garrod

Jeremy Gagné

Bruce Oldham

Aiden Mulvihill


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