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Welcome to the club information page! Here you will find essential information that relates to club sanctioning requirements, member management, activity sanctions, insurance and accident reporting.

Please review all the club information within this site prior to submitting a club sanction request.

Club sanction requests will now be processed online. A club cannot operate under the umbrella of Freestyle Canada until its sanction request is formally approved.

The club registration for 2024-2025 is scheduled to open starting soon. Clubs will be sanctioned until June 30th, 2025. This change has been made to align the club membership dates with the individual membership dates.

To REGISTER or RENEW your club membership, select your province or territory from the options below.

Club Sanctioning Requirements

Club sanction requests are subject to approval by both Freestyle Canada and the Territorial/Provincial Sport Organisation (T/PSO).

A club’s sanction request will only be approved if the club meets all the requirements listed below.

1) The online sanction request form is complete and accurate.

2) Club is committed to ensuring that all coaches in addition to staff and lead volunteers who work with children have a Criminal Record Check.

  • Criminal Record Check: Verifies whether an individual has a criminal record and provides the applicant with the detailed information that can be legally disclosed.

3) The Club has concussion management and prevention policy including:

  • All coaches have completed the NCCP Making Headway module.
  • Return to Play standards following PSO and/or FREESTYLE CANADA guidelines

4) All coaches have an active Freestyle Canada license in addition to current NCCP and Freestyle Canada coaching certifications.

5) All coaches are certified and all athletes qualified to perform inverted air skills through the Freestyle Canada Air Training System.

6) The club agrees to ensure that all its club members have a current Freestyle Canada membership.

7) The club receives permission from the ski area to operate its programs:

8) The club reviews and agrees to abide by the Freestyle Canada’s:

Freestyle Canada HIGHLY RECOMMENDS that clubs implement the following Athlete Protection Policies:

  • U12 Duty of Care - Session sign in and out procedures for athletes 12 and under Chaperoning - Having 2 adult chaperones (at least 1 same gender) when athletes are accommodated in hotels or other members homes
  • Club Member Codes of Conduct – all members should sign an appropriate code of conduct – coach, volunteer, parent, athlete, official.
  • Club is committed to ensuring that all coaches in addition to staff and lead volunteers who work with children have a Vulnerable Sector Check.
    • Vulnerable Sector (VS) Check : Verifies whether an individual has a criminal record, as well as any record suspensions (formerly pardons) for sexual offences and local police records for information relevant to the VS check. 

Club Sanction Request processing times are 5-10 business days.

Activity Sanctioning

An Activity Sanction request is required for all FREESTYLE CANADA special activities.

Types of special activities include:

  • Try Freestyle;
  • Trampoline training;
  • Air bag training;
  • Water ramp training;
  • Dry Slope;
  • Big Mountain;
  • Skateboarding;
  • Water skiing;
  • Recreational Mountain biking / Road cycling;
  • Open house / Fundraiser / Special Events / Meetings / Dinners / Banquets.
    • These activities must be directly related to the Club and pose no risk to the General Public.
    • Clubs must indicate if any alcohol will be served. If yes, clubs must indicate if volunteers are certified to serve alcohol within their province or territory (e.g., Serve It Right, Serving It Safe, Smart Serve or Action Service training).

Standard activities that are included in your club sanction request include the following:

  • Recreational freestyle skiing;
  • Competitive freestyle skiing;
  • Attending sanctioned competitions;
  • Hosting sanctioned competitions;
  • Coaching courses;
  • Dryland training/Conditioning programs - provided that these are established, set-up, controlled and monitored by suitably trained specialists, include:
    • Running;
    • Hiking;
    • Swimming;
    • Road cycling
      • Only as a training activity as prescribed by a coach or sports science regardless of the type of bike used in that activity
    • Mountain biking (off the road "mountain biking" training activities)
      • Only as a training activity as prescribed by a coach or sports science
        Note: Mountain biking must not be done alone, must be supervised.
      • Third party coverage ONLY which means that there is insurance coverage if the athlete runs into and is sued by a hiker on the trail.
      • NO second party coverage (there is no coverage when the athlete gets injured and sues the coach or another athlete for negligence for suggesting that the athlete train on that trail.)


  1. Download the Activity Sanction Request form (.doc).

  2. Send the completed form to [email protected]

Out-of-Country Sanctions

Accident Reporting


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