Out-of-Country Sanction Request

Clubs must submit an Out-of-country Sanction request for any travel outside of Canada for any training or competition to [email protected] 

Approved Out-of-country sanctions activate athletes’ and coaches’ out-of-country Sport Accident Insurance Policy (SAIP). Athletes and coaches will not be covered by SAIP abroad if an Out-of-country sanction request has not been submitted or approved.

To submit an Out-of-country Sanction Request:

  1. Ensure all athletes and coaches have a current Freestyle Canada membership and Out-of-country Accident Insurance.
  2. Download the Out-of-country Sanction request form.
  3. Send the complete Out-of-country sanction request form with a roster of travelling athletes and coaches to [email protected].

Out-of-country sanction requests must be submitted to Freestyle Canada at least 14 days prior to departure.

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