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Freestyle Canada Joining Abuse-Free Sport On December 31, 2022

Freestyle Canada is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to join Abuse-Free Sport, the new independent program to prevent and address maltreatment in sport.

Freestyle Canada and its stakeholders at the national level will have access to the services of the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner (OSIC), which serves as the central hub of Abuse-Free Sport, following a transition period which will end no later than December 31, 2022.

“In a continuing effort to ensure that the Freestyle sport community can operate to the highest of standards, we are extremely happy to engage with Abuse-Free Sport and look forward to soon having the OSIC administering any safe sport concerns,” Peter Judge, CEO of Freestyle Canada said. “Freestyle Canada has long been committed to ensuring a safe and nurturing environment and we look forward to working closely with the entire Canadian sport community to support this growing movement to fortify the safety and security of the environment and the quality of experience for all participants in the Canadian sport system.”

During the transition period, Freestyle Canada is completing full adoption of the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS), which it must do before it can become part of the Abuse-Free Sport program.

Prior to December 31, 2022, Freestyle Canada participants who have experienced or witnessed prohibited behavior, maltreatment or any other misconduct will continue to use the Freestyle Canada Safe Sport Liaison detailed on its’ website with [email protected] as their first point of contact. All reported incidents are handled/investigated either by a neutral third-party investigator or by designated personnel at Freestyle Canada, depending on the assessed circumstances.

There is more information about the Abuse-Free Sport program HERE, on the OSIC HERE, and on Freestyle Canada Safe Sport HERE.


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