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Charlie Beatty Strikes Gold in NZ Jr Worlds

The 2023 FIS Freestyle Skiing NZ FIS Park & Pipe Junior World Championships presented by La Roche Posay and Cardrona erupted with excitement as the event kicked off in dazzling fashion. The snow-covered slopes were alive with the energy of the competitors and the cheers of the crowd. Among the participants, one athlete stood out – Charlie Beatty, a name that would soon become synonymous with determination and triumph.

The first moments of the competition were not kind to Charlie. As he launched into his initial run,  he lost control and crashed into the snow. But Charlie was not one to be easily deterred. Undeterred by the earlier setback, Charlie knew that his next attempt had to be flawless. With his heart pounding and his mind focused, he stood at the top of the starter’s gate, visualizing every twist, turn, and trick he had planned. And then, with the confidence of a champion, he descended.

The crowd watched in awe as Charlie soared down the slope. He hit the first rail feature, unleashing a left-side 450 spin that left spectators breathless. Transitioning to the second rail, he executed a pretzel 270 out with a finesse that only years of practice could provide. But it was on the final jump that Charlie truly left a mark that would be etched into the annals of freestyle skiing history. With unwavering determination, he launched himself into a switch right double cork 1440 – . As he landed, the crowd erupted into thunderous applause and cheers.

Charlie’s score flashed on the screen – a score that would ultimately catapult him into the coveted gold medal position. A mixture of relief and elation washed over him as he realized he had not only redeemed himself but had also risen to the occasion in a way that nobody could have predicted.

Amidst the celebrations, Charlie took a moment to reflect on his victory. He shared, “It feels pretty unreal. I am super stoked to have put that run down today. It sets me up well for the upcoming Northern Hemisphere season, I am hoping to carry this momentum into the season and go out there, do my thing and have fun.”

As the dust settled and the cheers subsided, the significance of Charlie’s victory became even more apparent. His triumph had earned him a personal spot on the 2023-24 World Cup circuit – a dream come true for any aspiring freestyle skier.

But the story didn’t end with Charlie alone. Amidst the cheers for the victor, there were also hearty rounds of applause for the other remarkable Canadian athletes. Jacob Durepos secured an impressive 8th place finish, showcasing his own talents and determination. Meanwhile, Matthew Lepine held his own and finished in 12th place, proving that every competitor on that slope was a force to be reckoned with.



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