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2023/24 Toyo Tires Canada Video Contest

Toyo Tires Canada Video Contest Rule Book

  1. 1. Contest Schedule: The Toyo Tires Canada Video Contest will take place from November to the end of April. The contest will feature various disciplines and themes that will alternate every month, with one week dedicated to Freeski and one week to Freestyle.
  2. Submission Requirements: Contestants are required to submit videos showcasing their skills in the specified disciplines. Videos must be submitted every two weeks.
  3. Discipline Categories: The following disciplines will be featured during the contest period:
  • Aerials
  • Aerials Synchro
  • Moguls Jump
  • Moguls Turns
  • Halfpipe Best Trick
  • Halfpipe 3 Hits Combo
  • Big Air
  • Rails
  1. Judging Panels: There will be two judging panels, each consisting of three members:
  • Panel 1: Halfpipe Specialist Coach, SS/BA Specialist Coach, Freeski Judge
  • Panel 2: Aerials Specialist Coach, Moguls Specialist Coach, Freestyle Judge
  1. Representation: Each judging panel must include at least one representative from the East and one representative from the West.
  2. Judging Criteria: Videos will be judged based on the following criteria, each with a maximum of 10 points:
  • Amplitude
  • Creativity
  • Execution
  • Difficulty
  1. Eligibility: Contestants must meet the following eligibility criteria based on Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) stages:
  • Train to Train (Provincial/Timber Tour)
  • Learn to Compete (Canada Cup/Early NorAm)
  • Train to Compete and Up (Top-end NorAm and World Cup athletes)
  1. Submission Guidelines: Contestants are required to submit videos through Freestyle Canada’s official social media platforms. Videos must include the following hashtags:
  • #toyotirescanadavideocontest
  • #freestylecanada
  • #toyotirescanada
  • #discipline
  • #theme (relevant to the month’s theme)
  1. Theme Variations: Themes for each month’s contest will alternate between Freeski and Freestyle, allowing contestants to demonstrate their skills in both areas.
  2. Video Selection: The best videos in each discipline will be selected by the judging panels. Winners will be announced at the end of each contest period.
  3. Prizes: Toyo Tires Canada Hats will be awarded to the winners of each discipline category, as determined by the judging panels.
  4. Rights and Permissions: By submitting videos, contestants grant Toyo Tires Canada and Freestyle Canada the right to use and share the videos on their social media platforms and promotional materials, giving appropriate credit to the creators.
  5. Contest Integrity: Contestants are expected to adhere to fair play and sportsmanship. Any evidence of cheating or manipulation may result in disqualification.
  6. Contest Modifications: Freestyle Canada reserves the right to modify contest rules, criteria, themes, and schedules as necessary, ensuring fairness and a smooth contest experience.
  7. Contact Information: For any inquiries or clarifications regarding the contest, contestants can contact Freestyle Canada through their official communication channels.

By participating in the Toyo Tires Canada Video Contest, contestants agree to abide by these rules and regulations.


Competition/ Discipline Dates
Aerials (Provincial/Timber Tour) Oct 30- Nov 5 2023
Halfpipe Best Trick (Provincial/Timber Tour) Nov 6-12 2023
Moguls Jump (Provincial/Timber Tour) Nov 13-19 2023
Big Air (Provincial/Timber Tour) Nov 20- 26 2023
Aerials Syncro (Provincial/Timber Tour) Nov 27- Dec 3 2023
Rails (Provincial/Timber Tour) Dec 4- Dec 10 2023
Mogul Turns (Provincial/Timber Tour) Dec 11- Dec 17 2023
Aerials (Canada Cup/Early NorAm) Dec 18-24 2023
Halfpipe Best Trick (Canada Cup/Early NorAm) Dec 25- 31 2023
Moguls Jump  ((Canada Cup/Early NorAm) Jan 1-7 2024
Big Air (Canada Cup/Early NorAm) Jan 8- 14 2024
Aerials Syncro (Canada Cup/Early NorAm) Jan 15-21 2024
Rails (Canada Cup/Early NorAm) Jan 22- 28 2024
Mogul Turns (Canada Cup/Early NorAm) Jan 29- Feb 4 2024
Aerials (Top-end NorAm and World Cup athletes) Feb 5- 11 2024
Halfpipe Best Trick (Top-end NorAm and World Cup athletes) Feb 12-18 2024
Moguls Jump (Top-end NorAm and World Cup athletes) Feb 19-25 2024
Big Air  (Top-end NorAm and World Cup athletes) Feb 26-Mar 3 2024
Aerials Syncro (Top-end NorAm and World Cup athletes) Mar 4-10 2024
Rails (Top-end NorAm and World Cup athletes) Mar 11-17 2024
Mogul Turns (Top-end NorAm and World Cup athletes) Mar 18-24 2024
Alumni Best Trick/ Jump Mar 25- 31 2024




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