Filing a Safe Sport Complaint

Effective December 31, 2022, complaints will be filed with either the Independent Third Party (ITP) for Freestyle Canada or The Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner (OSIC)  in accordance with the process laid out on OSIC’s website.

Please refer to the complaint process for Freestyle Canada below:

Freestyle Canada

If you have determined that your complaint should be filed with the ITP for Freestyle Canada, it should be submitted to the ITP for assessment using the Freestyle Canada Safe Sport Incident Report Form within 30 days of the Incident occurring.

The ITP, Gordon Hopper, is a highly trained and skilled professional equipped to deal with Safe Sport issues with sensitivity and in confidence. He is able to review, advise and refer issues for further action independently of Freestyle Canada.  The ITP does not render decisions on the merit of the complaint, but rather applies FC policies to determine whether the complaint will be accepted and what organization will be responsible for its management. Temporary measures may be put in place during the review process to keep parties safe.

Complaints can be made via the Safe Sport Incident Form on Freestyle Canada’s website and emailing it to the ITP [email protected]

Freestyle Canada Safe Sport Incident Report Form

Gord can be reached at 778-228-4367 or by email at [email protected]



To validate whether a complaint is admissible to this service, or for any other questions with respect to  filing a complaint, individuals can always contact the Abuse-Free Sport Helpline 1-888-837-7678 or by email at [email protected]

  • It is free, anonymous, confidential, and independent.
  • Professionally trained operators are available to help in both official languages, English and French.
  • Available via phone call, text, or email seven days a week from 8am to 8pm (Eastern Time)

The Helpline continues to be available to all Canadians, regardless of their sport, level of participation, or where they live in the country. They do not have to be participants of an Abuse-Free Sport signatory organization to access the Helpline.



More Information about Abuse-Free Sport/OSIC and the Independent Third Party are located in this resource, including the following:

  • General information on Abuse-Free Sport and the ITP for Freestyle Canada
  • What to consider before filing a complaint
  • Where to file a complaint
  • How to file a complaint
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