Freestyle Canada Coach Academy

Update November 2023:

Freestyle Canada Coach Academy:

What has been known as the Supercoach Academy for many years is now named the Freestyle Canada Coach Academy. Our “Academy” concept is broadening to include modules from the CompIntro (Supercoach) and CompDev NCCP contexts and not only the Supercoach program. Both the coach and athlete development needs have changed since the COVID pandemic and with these changes, Freestyle Canada and our leading sport experts will focus more resources on coach education at all levels. Also, we see the importance of putting more emphasis on the CompDev program education to strengthen the skill level of our athletes at the Learn & Train to Compete / National / NorAm levels in all disciplines.


ACCOMMODATION: Reasonable and comfortable accommodations can be found here:  (if you would like a roommate, please let Julie know)

LIFT TICKETS: The W/B Spring Pass is back, it will be approximately $275.00. Once you register for the Academy, your name will be put on the pass list. Pick-up will happen at the ticket office, day before or day of your first course.


Skiing Skillz     April 26 & 27         $275.00            Registration deadline April 18th, 2024

Moguls             April 28 & 29         $275.00             Registration deadline April 18th, 2024

Park & Pipe     April 20-22            $350.00             Registration deadline April 12th, 2024

Air 1                  April 20 & 21          $275.00             Registration deadline Monday, April 15th, 2024

Air 2                 April 17, 18, 19       $350.00              Registration deadline Monday, April 8th, 2024

Air 3                 April 28 – 30          $350.00               Registration deadline April 20th, 2024

Air 4                 May 1 & 2                $275.00              Registration deadline April 20th, 2024


Tramp Doubles   April 12 – 14      $375.00

Tramp Doubles   April 21-23         $375.00            Canceled due to lack of registration

Snow Doubles     April 8-9             $375.00

Bag Doubles        April 23-24          $375.00             Registration deadline April 20th, 2024

CD Slopestyle      April 20-22          $550.00            Registration deadline April 15th, 2024

CD Moguls            May 3 – 6            $750.00            Registration deadline April 29th, 2024

CD Halfpipe (Calgary)  March 25-27        $550.00


Park & Pipe Stream: Skiing Skillz, P&P, Air 3, Air 4  (Air 1 & 2 must be taken within 8 months)           $1,050.00

CD Slopestyle or Halfpipe +Doubles on Bag(Prerequisite Tramp Doubles & Park & Pipe)                      $800.00

Contact [email protected] to arrange for any other specific bundle. Discount will be given for 3+ modules.

“NEW” Freestyle Canada has created the Cohort in which we have selected our top coaches currently coaching Train & Learn to Compete level programs and need their education and certification in their given discipline – ASAP. This program is a pilot Project for the 2023-2024 season and intends to see at least 12 coaches obtain certification by November 2024. If all goes well, we hope to run the CompDev Coach Cohort annually.

If you would like to inquire about any of these courses, you can contact [email protected]

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