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Patrick Dew

Quick Stats

Discipline: Slopestyle

Age: 22

Birth Place: Vernon, British Columbia

Hometown: Vernon, British Columbia

National Team Since: 2017

Home Club: Silver Star Freestyle Ski & Snowboard

Sponsors: Skevik Skis, Smith Optics, Lange Boots, Silver Star Mountain Resort, Solo Energy Bar.

Patrick Dew

Career highlights:

  • Joining the BC Team in 2013
  • First FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup appearance in 2016, Quebec City
  • Joining Freestyle Canada’s Next Gen team in 2017

Patrick started skiing at the age of 5. His parents Karen and Todd Dew got him into skiing, as they wanted a fun family activity to do on the weekends. From there on, as he got better and started hitting little jumps his parents put Patrick directly into Silver Star Freestyle clubs Jumps and Bumps program. Ever since that day the Vernon resident has been progressing in his skiing career.

Patrick’s parents were definitely the reason he started freestyle. They saw him in the trees hitting little natural features and they thought to them selves, “If we don’t get this kid a proper coach he is going to kill himself!” That is when Patrick was put into the Silver Star Freestyle Program.

And the results prove that they were right to do so! Patrick placed first in the Mount Saint Louis Nor Am, third in the Seven Springs Nor Am and also started his FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup Career last year with his first event being in Quebec City.

To be able to afford the ski season, Patrick works a full time job when he is at home. Aside from work he enjoys camping, hiking, biking or just really anything that allows him to see a bit more of our beautiful world.

Patrick is not only a talented slopestyle skier, he is also rather car savvy. Oil changes, wiring projects, simple engine mechanics are all things he is easily able to do. Hence why he plans on becoming an automotive engineer after his life on the slopes.


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