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Brenden Kelly

Quick Stats

Discipline: Moguls

Age: 24

Birth Place: Vancouver, BC

Hometown: Pemberton, BC

National Team Since: 2014

Home Club: Blackomb Freestyle Ski Club

Sponsors: Hart Japan, Muscle MLK, Can Ski Whistler, Atelier d'Usinage Megatech

Brenden Kelly

Brenden Kelly started skiing at the age of three. His father, Stan Kelly, put him in the local ski program at Whistler Blackcomb. Growing up around Whistler, Brenden says that everyone starts skiing around the age of 2-4 so it is just the thing to do.

At the age of 11, Brenden was given the choice of either joining the race program or joining the freestyle team. Brenden decided that since there were no jumps in racing that hewould try moguls. His coach at the time, Marc Mcdonell, got him hooked. Marc started a program in which his athletes could skip school on Fridays to train. It was at that point that Brenden realized he had a real opportunity to pursue the sport competitively.

At the age of 16 Brenden was invited to join the Canadian Sports Institute Mogul Team. It was there that his coach, Bobby Aldighieri, focused his goals and energy on making the Canadian Team. In only two short years he took Brenden from a young, distracted, teenager and helped him find happiness with the process of freestyle skiing. 

In the summer Brenden works at Whistler Blackomb by maintaining the ski runs and in the winter he also works part-time in the retail stores. On weekends in the summer he really enjoy riding his bike in Pemberton, where you can do some of the best cross country biking in Canada.

Brenden is also an avid musician. He plays piano at home and jams on the drums with friends. Brenden is always looking for new music on his computer and likes to trade music with some long distance friends online.

Brenden also credits his family for all the they’ve done for him and supporting his dream since the age of 12. Brenden acknowledges that his parents work incredibly hard and don’t always get to watch him compete, but he realizes that without them he wouldn’t be where he is today.

  • Going to the 2016 FIS World Cup in Japan
  • Standing on the podium with Mikaël Kingsbury and Philippe Marquis at Nationals (2016)
  • Meeting the other athletes from across the world

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