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Simon D'Artois

Quick Stats

Discipline: Halfpipe

Age: 28

Birth Place: Vancouver, BC

Hometown: Whistler, BC

National Team Since: 2011

Sponsors: Ripcurl Outerwear, Giro, SAXX Underwear, Nibz Bandanaz, TMC Proshop, Skull Candy

Simon D'Artois

It’s hard to believe that no Canadian man had ever won X Games gold in the superpipe until Simon d’Artois did it on January 25, 2015 in Aspen. 



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Competing in only his second X Games after finishing 14th in 2014, d’Artois showed tremendous improvement one year later to take the title with a score of 93.00 to forever enter his name into the history books.

Winning the X Games ultimately earned d’Artois the 2015 Freestyle Canada Halfpipe  Outstanding Performance.

A native of Whistler, d’Artois has picked up the nickname “Dart” for his exciting style of skiing.   His Grandparents were spies in World War Two and helped defeat the Nazis.  This may be where Simon gets his courage and fearlessness.  He takes influences from all aspects of life and applies it to his training and skiing technics as well as takes influences and experiences from skiing and applies them to life.  Imagination and visualization are key factor in being creative and innovative. 



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“Dart” uses these and other ideologies to continue to push his sport, himself and others in life to be the best humans that we can possibly be.  With determination and courage, Simon is a fierce competitor and will never back down.

 If you follow him on social media, you might also become familiar with the “Dart Camera” and his impressive photography of the dozens of cities and landscapes d’Artois visits throughout the year.



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  • 2018 Olympian
  • 2015 X Games gold medallist
  • ‚Äč2nd at the 2015 Canadian Open Championship
  • 1st at the 2014 Snowcrown Ski Festival



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