Michel ‘Mike’ Hamelin

Coaches - Moguls

Quick Facts

Age: 49

Birth Place: Montreal, QC

Hometown: Val-Morin, QC

Home Club: Mont-Gabriel

Sponsors: Kastle Skis

Career Highlights:

As a child, Michel took skiing lessons at the Montmorency ski school in Laval. His instructor found he was a natural on moguls and encouraged him to join an acrobatic ski club. When he retired from competition in 1998, he was asked to coach the National development team but declined the offer preferring not to train his former teammates. He took a position as chief coach of the Mont Gabriel club in the Laurentians, where he worked for three years. He then applied for the position as an assistant coach with the National Development Team and has worked with the National program ever since.

In the years he worked coaching the National development team, Mike trained Alex Bilodeau from his beginnings, developing a strong relationship with the future champion and logging many great performances at the North American level right up to his gold medal at the Sochi Olympic Winter Games. After Bilodeau’s retirement, Mike continued to coach in the program with stints as the women’s World Cup coach, head coach and now World Cup lead technical coach where he works with Mikael Kingsbury to help him continue and improve on his three Olympic and over 100 World Cup medals.


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