Jim Schiman

Coaches - Moguls
FIS Athlete Profile

Statistiques rapides

Âge: 33

Lieu de naissance: Kelowna, BC

Ville d'origine: North Vancouver, BC

Club d'origine: Kimberley Ski Resort

Commanditaires: IDone

Faits saillants de sa carrière:

  • 2004 Fernie Dual Moguls Gold
  • 2004 Inawashoro Silver
  • Coach for multiple Olympic and World Championships medalists

Jim retired as an athlete in 2006 (Canadian National Team) after being unable to rehab an injury in time to compete that World Cup season. For the last 4-5 years of his competitive career, he knew that he would one day transition to coaching. Jim ended up getting a position with the Canadian Team immediately and since has worked with some incredible coaches and athletes.


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